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How to Create a Minimalist Wallet

Face it, carrying a large, bulky wallet is annoying.  Sure, you know the card you need is in there, but can you find it?  Bulky wallets are clunky and can ruin an otherwise fashionable outfit.  Ditch the Bifold and transition to a more streamlined, minimalist wallet instead.  Here are five quick steps to help you achieve this goal.

Bulky Bifold Wallet

1. What Is In Your Wallet?

Now is your chance to go digging through all of the junk that has doubtless built up in your wallet.  You’ll probably discover old receipts, tons of change, and any number of other things you’ve unknowingly been carrying around.  Clear out anything that is unnecessary.

2. Eliminate the Unnecessary

Membership Cards:

                You likely have dozens of membership cards from library cards, grocery stores, airlines, clothing superstores, the list is endless.  However, many companies are switching over to digital membership logins that work even better than the cards.  Throw that piece of plastic in a drawer at home and use your cell phone for discounts at stores.  Avoid cluttering up your phone with company-specific apps and consider downloading one app, such as Keyring or Stocard, and storing all of your card data in one place.

Receipts: Get rid of these.  It can be a good idea to keep some receipts in case you want to return purchases, but you don’t need to carry them unless you absolutely need to use them that day.  Store them at home.

Social Security Cards:  Any non-essential ID cards should be stored in a safe place where they can not be easily stolen.  Your wallet is not that place.

3. Keep A Few Cards

Choose your top 2-5 cards that are absolutely essential.  At a minimum, you will probably need a credit/debit card, ID card, and a health care card

4. Add Essentials

Want to carry cash?  Have to have that family photo?  Add it to your essentials pile and finalize your everyday wallet carry.

5. Choose Your Wallet

Minimalist Wallet

                Once you know exactly what you want to keep in your wallet, look for a product that fulfills those needs.  Avoid Bifold or Trifold wallets as they are naturally bulky and choose a minimalist wallet or compact ID card wallet instead. These are designed to be slim and can hold necessities without becoming too cumbersome. 

Tip: Avoid buying a wallet that has substantially more space than you need for your essentials – you’ll end up filling the extra space with clutter.