Why Wear Cufflinks?

The short answer is that cufflinks are a fantastic way to enhance a dress shirt.  You can find cufflinks for any type of situation and they add detail to an outfit.

Longer Answer:

Cufflinks are commonly worn with suits and the more formal Tuxedo.  The only true requirement for anyone wanting to wear cufflinks is to wear a French Cuff of Single Cuff dress shirt.  Both of these shirt styles are designed to have the sleeves fastened with cufflinks rather than buttons and you’ll need at least one shirt to go with your cufflinks.  Unlike buttons, you can switch out a pair of cufflinks in a matter of seconds and change a shirt from something playful into something more formal.

In the past, it was only acceptable to wear cufflinks with a jacket ensemble, however as fashion standards have relaxed it has become more common for people to wear cufflinks without a jacket.  This lets you show off the jewelry to a greater extent and has led to the emergence of fun, unique cufflinks that allow for more self-expression.  Today, you can purchase almost any cufflink design you can think of and make your outfit truly reflect who you are.